Tax Relief

Property taxes are a huge issue – perhaps the number one issue – in communities across our state. There is no municipality that escapes this borden, and we deserve structural change on a state level to relieve this.

However, there is no excuse for continued property tax hikes in Plainfield. These hikes have exceeded the state-imposed tax increase cap for several years in a row now. In the middle of this pandemic, the City Council was set to increase your taxes above that cap once again. This was their plan before coronavirus struck.

In 2019, we saw the mayor and City Council approve seven gas guzzling SUVs for the administration’s cabinet members. We saw City Council members and others go on an all expense paid trip on our dime. This year, we witnessed the Mayor and Council being forced to pay a $500,000 settlement for gender discrimination, to an employee that only made over $20,000 annually. This year, the city borrowed $2 million to fund a pedestrian mall for which they didn’t even complete a parking study. I think we know why costs are rising.

Our City Council, and our Mayor, are wasting taxpayer money. There are two responsible City Council members on a seven member body – and with two more – David Rutherford and Emily Morgan – we can finally stop the bleeding.