The Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA) is a private entity that handles waste management and sewage in our city. Its high, continuously rising costs have been a burden for residents.

Mayor Mapp once talked about reforming the PMUA as a councilman. But since he’s achieved more power, Mapp has decided to take over the company and change nothing. The mayor has now appointed seven politically connected PMUA commissioners (board members) who receive a $4500 stipend to attend one meeting per month. Those seven commissioners voted to hire his sister-in-law as the Deputy Director and CFO of the PMUA. The City Council, of course, has allowed all of this to happen.

We must be clear in our critique. The rank and file PMUA workers do a great service to this city, and they should not be blamed. The politicians – not the workers – created PMUA so that it has less oversight than city-run waste management. Less oversight means more high paying jobs and political appointments for friends and family. It also means that rising PMUA bills don’t bear the City of Plainfield logo – diverting residents’ anger from those responsible.