We are in the middle of once unthinkable circumstances as we battle the COVID-19 pandemic that has infected more than one in every 80 people in Plainfield as of April 15, when 633 cases were reported. Experts say there are likely many more uncounted. As of April 15, 15 Plainfield residents had tragically succumbed to the virus.

It seems that everyone knows at least a couple of people who have fallen ill, and even those of us showing no symptoms have behaved as if everyone is sick by wearing face masks and employing social distancing. And then there’s the economic fallout from staying ten feet apart – massive job losses that are expected to continue.

Such a crisis, naturally, has an impact on our campaign. The things we are used to doing locally – knocking on doors, hosting coffee clutches and fundraisers, attending public events – they’re all impossible. People are also, understandably, a little disconnected from local politics as most of the burden of disease prevention falls on the shoulders of federal, state, and even county governments.

But this too will pass. Plainfield – like the rest of the world – will emerge from these dark times. We’ll have the same problems we had in 2019, and some new ones brought upon by a a deep recession and lessening tax revenue. The 2021 Plainfield City Council will have a huge impact on how Plainfield emerges from COVID. If anything, this crisis has only made this election more crucial in the long term.